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Cheap International Call Cards

Callip is your guide and best helper in finding the most convenient international phone card that will fit all your requirements.

Today the choice of various prepaid phone cards is so wide that it can confuse even an experienced calling cards user.

What are best cheap phone cards? Where can I get cheap international calls? What card will suit the needs of my business? You will get the answers to these and many other questions in this website.

In true, the right calling card will not only provide clear sound and user friendly support, but also cheap calls thus allowing you to save and Toll Free Access Numbers in the US, Canada and other countries make your domestic and overseas calls cost next to nothing.

Also this website contains the list of prepaid cards available for purchase that provide cheap international calls for various groups of people. If you need to make calls to your friends and family members that live in different countries, then you may like calling cards like Bizon or Cheap Call. Businessmen usually require additional options like conference calls. Anyone knows, how costly overseas calls are, especially if your team is an international one. Phone cards like Conferencing enable cheap phone calls for groups of people.

If you need an all-in-one solution, you will be attracted by great rates provided by Cheap Call account that includes your own Toll Free USA Number, conference calls, prepaid Internet and many more.

Stay with us and you will get the best at the lowest rates possible.

All-in-One Communication Account "CHEAP CALL"

Personal USA Toll Free Number redirect Toll-number to any phone number
Prepaid Conferencing Solution - conference calls on the phone and online
Click-to-Call - ideal for business & personal use!
Prepaid Internet - Go-Anywhere Net User!
Call USAToll-Free Numbers From Overseas and more
Instant Refill
Card PIN:

Instant Purchase
Compare Cards

Phone Card Features:

PIN-less dialing - skip PIN dialing Refilliable Cards - keep the same PIN
Autorefill Option - refill PIN automaticly
and more...
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